Avoid Tolls on Your Route from Chicago to Madison

Avoid Toll tax, Find alternate Toll Free routes fromChicago to Madison

Discover the best toll-free routes from Chicago to Madison and save money on your road trip with!

Alternate routes for driving from Chicago to Madison. Find free route and compare with toll route to find the right alternative for your road trip by car. and free routes are drawn on same map in order to know how to avoid , turnpike roads and toll bridges. Toll Free Route is in blue color. Fastest route (Toll route) is in red color. If there is no Toll (toll) free route found, fastest route (Toll ) is shown. Click on "Show Route Differences" button to see how much more you have to drive in order to avoid Toll . It will help you in budgeting your road trips efficiently.

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Toll Free Route:
Distance =
Driving Time =
Toll Route:
Distance =
Driving Time =
Difference in Routes:
Extra Distance =
Extra Drive Time =

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